~short story collection of mine~

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~short story collection of mine~

Slowly he opened his bright blue eyes. Black reddish clouds from afternoon sunshine are what he saw after his eyes opened. Then he wakes up with his empty eyes see nowhere at that big plain. Even though tens, hundreds, even thousands dead body around him, he feels nothing. He raise his “bloody” hands through the sun.

Not far from him. A woman with unique rose fragrance sitting on a big rock. Her red charming eyes just see him with full of interest. Wind slowly blow her dark hair and she smiled little and wake to walk to him.
His eyes still empty and he like lost his consciousness and don’t pay attention to the beautiful woman whom approach to him.

The woman which beautifully enough to draw attention even a child is now in front to him, and her expression likes she knows all things. Then she said to him softly “You’re name is …..”. But he still look for nothing and like lost his soul. Then the woman whispered to his ear “…….” << *nama nya tp blom kpikir*

“My name is ….” His said with feeling nothing. He said it more and more inside his heart.

After that she smiled and walk across him and then disappeared without he doesn’t know what her will be in the chaostic future.
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Post on 2010-07-06, 00:28 by Lefichi

di sini gw jg pgn nge share aja apa yg ada dlm pikiran gw

ini gw bwad crita bkan crita bersambung, tp cma nge crita in ttg 1 bagian cerita aja

mohon saran + kritik nya yaaa

*kalo ada grammar yg salah maklumi lah*

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